FAQ School Lunches

When can I place a permanent lunch order online?

You can place a permanent lunch order online at shop.kings.school.nz in the final week of the previous term, over the school holiday until the first day of school.

Are all students allowed to order school lunches?

No. School lunches are not suitable for Transition or ELC boys.

What is included in a lunch order?

All lunch orders include a main and a piece of fruit. Drinks and baking are optional.

What type of baking is available?

Baking changes each day and will be either a muffin, slice or cookie. Baking is optional.

What drinks are offered?

Water and milk are the only drinks offered. Drinks are optional.

How to start permanent lunch orders part way through the term?

You may start permanent lunch orders by ordering online at any time during term.

How do I order a casual lunch order?

  • Order online via the Casual Lunch option
  • Use the King’s School App to order casual lunch orders.
  • Phone Order to the Office on 09 5207770
  • Boys may order on the day from the boys counter in the Dining Hall from 7:30am until morning tea.

What is the cutoff time to order casual lunches on the day?

Please ensure all casual lunch orders are received by 10:30am on the day to ensure they can be prepared in time for lunch.

How do I change an existing lunch order?

Please contact the office office@kings.school.nz or phone 09 5207770 to change an existing order.

What are the ingredients in the lunch orders?

We are working to put an ingredient list together. Please contact the office if you have any concerns with an ingredient's impact on your son. No nuts are contained in the school lunches.

Why is House information required?

Sometimes the lunches need to be delivered to house meetings.

What happens if the lunch is on a public holiday? Am I still charged?

No. Public holidays and the number of weeks in the term are calculated in the price.

How can I pay for my school lunch?

School lunches ordered online can be paid via Credit Card or Charged to your school account.