Speech and Drama Tuition

$220.00 NZD

At King’s School, the Arts play an important part of everyday life and every boy is encouraged to be creative, whether it be in visual or performing arts. We provide a unique format for teaching speech and drama to our students.

To supplement and enhance this program we provide private, pair and group tuition. These are in addition to class programmes and are rotated from week to week to ensure students do not regularly miss the same subjects.

    If you have any questions about private speech and drama tuition or wish to arrange speech therapy please contact Nina Burchett via email n.burchett@kings.school.nz .

    Terms & Conditions

    • Individual tuition is $390 per term.
    • Pair tuition is $290 per term.
    • Group tuition is $220 per term.
    • All fees and costs will be invoiced directly by our specialists, Shine School of Confidence.
    • A term consists of 8 lessons or 32 lessons per year.
    • All private tuition lessons are in addition to class programmes and will run for one period equivalent to not more than 30 minutes.
    • Lessons are generally rotated from week to week to ensure students do not regularly miss the same subject.
    • Prep and Junior School Students should take no more than 1 private tuition lesson per term and this lesson must be taken outside of core curriculum (literacy and numeracy).
    • Middle and Senior School students should not take more than 2 private tuition lessons during school time.
    • Shine School of Confidence will allocate private tutors and may make tutor changes as necessary.
    • If a student discontinues lessons during the term, the full term fees are still payable.
    • Additional or extra lessons can be arranged at the discretion of Shine School of Confidence.
    • If a student misses a lesson, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their tutor or the Shine School of Confidence in advance. The tutor is not obliged to make up the lesson unless suitable notice is provided. 
    • If the tutor misses a lesson due to illness or other circumstances, the tutor will make up the lesson or a relieving tutor will be provided.
    • The cost of materials and examination fees is additional.