$90.00 NZD

One of the great games continues its long standing popularity as part of the King’s Sports School.

The chess programme will take place every Wednesday for first time novice players, Thursday for advanced players, and Friday for intermediate players.

We also continue to be extremely fortunate to have the services of our chess tutors, headed by Mr Ewen Green. The boys are shown different scenarios as a group at the beginning of the lesson and then the boys play games for the rest of the lesson, putting into practice what they have learnt.

Chess is a fantastic game to get the mind working and is a game that you can play at any age with lifelong enjoyment. There may be opportunities for students in the chess programme to compete in an inter-school tournament.

Chess is a popular activity and whilst we would like to cater for all children wishing to be involved we have to limit numbers to fit the venue. Children who choose this programme should be prepared to attend every session. Failure to do so, will see their space given to others on waiting lists.